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How it works


How it works

Share your travel preferences

Fill out a 2-minute questionnaire about how you like to travel, which we’ll use to plan a trip tailored exactly to what you want to do, see, and eat.

Watch your dream trip come to life

It all happens online: email and chat with your travel designer, check out a draft itinerary, share what you like and what you don’t. We customize everything to your vision.

Be on your way, stress-free

Once you’re happy with your itinerary, your designer handles all bookings and restaurant reservations for you. We’ll deliver the final itinerary in our iPhone app or PDF, so it’s all in one place.

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Meet a few Journy clients

Zach & Samantha’s Japan Honeymoon

BUDGET:$300 / day
CITIES VISITED:Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka

ZACH LOVES:Food (Street food to Fine dining), Must-see sights, Hiking, Biking, Local culture, Speakeasy cocktails, Artisan cocktails

HIS TRIP REQUESTS:Sushi omakase, Robot restaurant, Owl cafe, Japanese pottery shops

I found Journy after already getting an itinerary from a typical travel agency. Simply put, Journy’s recommendations blew theirs out of the water. Every concierge we worked with really listened to what we wanted as travelers and led us to the off-the-beaten-path sights we were looking for. Plus, the process is super smooth and easy!”— Zach

Julia’s Couples Staycation in San Francisco

BUDGET:$200 / day

JULIA LOVES:Parks, Scenic Views, Galleries, Art, Cocktails, Artisan Coffee, Speakeasies, Museums

HER TRIP REQUESTS:Speakeasies, history, delicious food and "only locals know about" spots

I find it exciting and rare when I hear of new fun, interesting and cool places to visit that I do not already know about when it comes to my very own city of San Francisco. I acted as if I was visiting SF for the 100th time. Mentioned I knew many places already and was looking for unique hidden, stylish gems for the weekend. Journy/Dave is very good about catering this itinerary directly for you. He asked questions on what exactly I was looking for and I was so pleasantly surprised! Again, I know this city very, very well and Dave created SUCH a fun 2 day itinerary!"
— Julia of IconsWanted

Omar’s London & Paris Family Vacation

HOTEL:Como Metropolitan & Hotel Regina
BUDGET:$800 / day

OMAR LOVES:Food (Street food to ultra-fine dining), Parks, Scenic Views, Foo markets, Notable wine lists, World-class cocktails, Cozy and romantic, Hole-in-the-wall

HIS TRIP REQUESTS:A mix of traditional and new style restaurants

My wife and I used Journy this summer for a trip to Europe with our two Children ages 10 and 7. We really enjoyed the mix of cultural, food and shopping experiences in these two cities. The restaurant recommendations for date night and for family meals in both cities were really excellent. Most of all it was great to hit the ground in each city with a plan for each day, but also allowing us to improvise as we went depending on how our kids were feeling. Journy is a fantastic tool for experiencing a truly customized plan for what you want to do.— Omar

Davis & Lisa’s Lisbon Honeymoon

HOTEL:Vincci Liberdade
BUDGET:$400 / day

DAVIS LOVES:Food (Street food to Fine dining), Must-see sights, Hiking, Scenic Views, Food markets, Notable wine lists, World-class cocktails, Cozy and romantic, Hole-in-the-wall

HIS TRIP REQUESTS:Food, food and more food!!!

At this point, I've told ALL of my friends to check out Journy for their upcoming travels. Not only will they send you to the best places, they'll help you make the reservations. This is not an aggregator of TripAdvisor or Yelp reviews. THIS is the best travel app you'll ever use. Get the reservations you want. Get the ones you didn't know you wanted. See the side of the city you’r headed to through an expert's eyes. And have a personal concierge dedicated to assist with all your travel needs.”
— Davis

Jeff & Claudia’a Scandinavian Food Trip

HOTEL:Hotel Fabian
BUDGET:$300 / day
CITIES VISITED:Helsinki, Stockholm

JEFF LOVES:Food, Local Culture, Spas & Relaxation, Boat Tours, Artisan Coffee, Architecture, Speakeasy Cocktails

HIS TRIP REQUESTS:Atlas Obscura-style activities vs. tourist traps

It was AMAZING. Every meal we ate in both cities came recommended and none were disappointing. I told them we were more interested in Atlas Obscura-style activities than tourist traps; that's how we ended up seeing bizarre street art and went to a sauna in Helsinki that the locals were shocked to see us at. In Stockholm, we had a meal that I'll remember forever at a restaurant I never would have found otherwise. Highly, highly recommended, and imminently affordable. I never thought I'd be a travel agent-style guy, but they made the trip so much easier.”
— Jeff

Our clients
can’t stop raving

The app made it so easy to navigate Tokyo with maps and reservation reminders.
The process is super smooth and easy
Journy’s recommendations blew the travel agency’s completely out of the water.
I’ll never waste hours on the internet planning a trip again.
Worth every penny.

Three simple options

Have questions? Schedule a call with us.

Destination Advice

  • Chat with an expert trip designer
  • Ideas on where to go
  • Advice on how long to spend in each place
  • Quick 15-20 minute chat

Journy Lite

  • Get paired with an expert trip designer
  • Unlimited email / chat with your designer
  • Custom daily travel plan
  • Hotel booking
  • Includes up to 4 travelers Info icon bordered 030691edec8efd7802c8691684eb87af13708acc0e8e87abdbb11b7551d32aefAdditional $5 per person per day for groups larger than 4
  • Delivery in 7-10 days
  • 2 rounds of trip revisions Info icon bordered 030691edec8efd7802c8691684eb87af13708acc0e8e87abdbb11b7551d32aefAdditional major edits will incur an extra $15 per day fee (we don’t charge for something simple like swapping out a restaurant).
  • Links to book all recommended activities
$25 per day of travel

Journy Luxe

  • Everything included in Journy Lite

Premium Features

  • 4 rounds of trip revisions
  • Activity and tour bookings Info icon bordered 030691edec8efd7802c8691684eb87af13708acc0e8e87abdbb11b7551d32aefFor activities that require advance payment, we pass-on a 2.9% credit card transaction fee. For your security, Journy books activities for you via our own card and then separately charges your card. The 2.9% fee is charged by our payment processor.
  • Restaurant reservations
  • In-destination support Info icon bordered 030691edec8efd7802c8691684eb87af13708acc0e8e87abdbb11b7551d32aefWhile on your trip, get support from our team for any last minute reservation changes or alternative recommendations. Due to international time differences, please ask for any updates or changes at least 12 hours in advance.
  • Optional 20 minute call to review your draft itinerary and collect feedback
$50 per day of travel

With Journy, there are no hidden markups or fees

  • Markup fees1 2654292b5f7e8bf3e65811a6d134beb1c21176f0ed7f6587a820a78a939fa042


    $50 per day for full-service travel planning (luxe), or $25 per day if you don’t need reservations or bookings (lite).

  • Markup fees2 7c0f194be949b65b3538b7a2a6754ee49815e1315759d995358087eb17e8f7d1


    We don’t markup or get kickbacks on activities or restaurants — that means we only send you to places that are right for you.

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    Unlike other travel agents, we don’t require hotels as part of the package. Already have a place to stay? Using points? Prefer Airbnb? Cool — we’ll still help you plan the rest of your trip.

    *Note, we don’t do flights.
    See our piece on flight booking tools here.

The best food & drink recommendations, curated just for you

Based on your preferences, your trip designer taps into our exclusive network of top chefs and local experts to make sure you don’t miss out on the best things to eat, drink, see, and do.

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Culinary Director, Shake Shack
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Master Sommelier, Owner Verve Wines
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Model and Food Blogger, Luxeat
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Travel Channel’s Bizarre Foods

“But I love travel planning myself”

We hear it all the time.
So why should you pay us to plan your trip?
Calendar 5b61bbf7d3345822546f8ef1888eab6c3397ffc2b838da790f4f26b1b87eb4ec
Planning travel logistics is really hard

Dreaming up things to do and see is the fun part. But putting it all together? Not so much. We take all your ideas, from friends’ recommendations to landmarks spotted on Pinterest, and optimize your time so that you can see it all.

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We’ll save you up to 30 hours (or more)

The average person spends 10-30+ hours travel planning. Instead of waiting on hold to nab a restaurant reservation, leave it to us. Carry on living life, saving the world, or just kicking back with a glass of rosé until it’s time to take off.

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Cut through the noise of review sites

It’s our job to obsess about the latest and greatest spots around the world every day, cutting through the noise of travel forums and review sites. Why listen to an anonymous person on the internet instead of an expert you can trust?

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